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Extension: Automoderation forum

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:30 pm
by Space Pipeline
I offer you a concept of expansion for phpBB 3.1.x flexible automoderation forum.
1. The system of "up\downvote" allows forum members to turn off (spoiler like on screenshot) the posts of other users when it reaches a predetermined threshold:
Here the code to minimize the post is already present (the enemies), it is to be realized on a global form by reaching the threshold of "downvotes" received from other users.
If the number of "downvote" will pass for communication, it can be folded, removed or the user is cautioned.

These points should be adjusted in the settings of the extension: what to do and when the number of "downvote"

Conditions in the extension settings (in admin panel)
  1. "The number of "downvotes" to hide the post:" * number * (preferably another recommendation of substitute, depending on the daily attendance)
  2. "What to do when the second threshold "downvotes" for this same message": (delete, issue warnings, issue warnings, and delete, ban, ban or remove)
  3. "Acceptable "downvoting" messages for one user": * number *
  4. "What to do when you reach the threshold of the total number of "z" messages at the user" (to issue warnings, ban)
  5. "Zeroed negative statistics for each user:" * number of days * 999
  6. "Member of the statistics reputation ("+1" and "-1" go to reputation, but not reset to zero on the upper point):" "yes \ no"(or modifity Extension "Reputation members")
2. Sufficient "downvotes" to hide depends on the size and activity of users online in sections. If this biggest forum it is necessary to introduce internal rules for each subforums.

It looks like I've seen on yaplakal,
but there can not be conveniently fold up the post size lowercase. Biggest forums we almost there, so the internal sub-rule for each of subforums I consider superfluous.

sorry for english :roll:

Re: Extension: Automoderation forum

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:47 pm
by svennson
I think this would be very close to what you want, but sadly its ABD ...

I would like such an extension to...