Automatic 'bot responses'

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Automatic 'bot responses'

Post by Korkel »


I'm looking for an extension what can make automatic responses in a spefic forum.

For example:
"Hello and welcome,

To assist you we ask you to run the following and attach the logfiles.

An expert will help you soon."

"Hi again,

It has been X days since your last response, do you still need help? If yes follow the given instructions OR do the following - instructions - if you don't give a response in the next X days this topic will be closed and moved."

Is it also possibole to close and move a post with a response after X days? Let's say 10, first bump after 5 and the other 5 days later unless there is a response?

I hope you understand what I mean.

Best regards
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Re: Automatic 'bot responses'

Post by iDon »

I would love this also.
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