"Calender" where User could Add Information into an Form?

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"Calender" where User could Add Information into an Form?

Post by enter a valid email » Sun Oct 23, 2016 11:44 am

Here it runs Manually: http://www.vielfliegertreff.de/mitglied ... ost1795671
http://www.vielfliegertreff.de/mitglied ... l#post1182

Here it works manually. Someone post an Date, Time, Flight, Airport,... and an Moderator put it on the list. :roll:
How to do something like that Automatic?
My idea is an Form where People have to write for example an Railway station in and the Autoform Fill try to recognise it and search for the rite Railway station. (There is a List with all avaiavle).

Any ideas?

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