Hidden groups - hiding from members too

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Hidden groups - hiding from members too

Post by cedricthecat »

Evening folks

We've got a hidden group for people paying a subscription. We've set it up as hidden so that there's not a "them and us" feeling, but we'd also like to ensure that members who are paying subs can't see fellow members of their group, so need to hide the hidden group from it's own members!

To this end, we've taken the "Groups" dropdown out of the View Profile page (memberlist_view.html) but realise that members can still click on groups in the legend on the Index, see the URL for example for the Registered users group is ourforum/membergroup.php?mode=group&g=2 and then work out that they can see other groups by changing the 2 at the end!

Is there any way that we can block this so only Admin can see the hidden group? We can add a

<!-- IF U_ACP -->

switch to membergroup_body.html, but I can't work out a way to ensure that this shows only the open groups to everyone bar Admin and all the groups plus the hidden one (15) to Admin

Any advice would be appreciated! :)

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