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Hide inline attachment info and forum icon

Post by Lightfeather » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:21 pm

I'm looking for an extension with more robust attachment options for phpbb 3.2.2.

* I'd like the option to hide all inline attachment info completely.

* An option to hide inline attachment info if the user has included a caption with their attached image.

* An option to remove the attachment icon from the forum topic if the attachment type is an image.

I just created a post on my 3.2.2 board that included 4 inline images with captions.

Two of my images contained just the caption below and the other two had the caption and then the image info and viewed count displayed.

Confused by the inconsistency, I discovered a locked thread for a previous version of phpbb where this also occurred. It was noted that images that were resized would lose their inline information and non resized images would not, but that it was fixed in the newer version of phpbb.

I'm still seeing this issue and even if I wasn't, I'd still like the ability to remove attachment information from an inline attachment when a caption is added. Regular attachments should still retain their info line.

Is there any way to easily accomplish this? I searched for an attachment extension but my search-fu turned up nothing.
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