Registration and forgot password mod

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Name: raymond green

Registration and forgot password mod

Post by rayminator »

Registration and forgot password mod

what I want is to have a new register user to input two email addresses by default
so when they forgot their passwords that they get two emails with a two separate codes that they have to use to reset their passwords
after they input those two codes they would be able to reset their passwords

is there anyway that possible to do

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Re: Registration and forgot password mod

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

why? why would that be any better? also, that means that only people with two email addresses will be able to register on your board.

seems to me that is expecting a lot.

I have many different email addresses but I am in the business, most people only have one and it is usually a yahoo or google etc. email and creating a new one just to be able to register on your board would probably turn most of them away.

just my 3.5 cents.

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