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Show soft-deleted posts as "Your moderator at work"

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 12:46 am
by Lady_G
When enforcing our board rules, a moderator may post in a topic that an action has been taken action and that a post has been removed. The post is soft-deleted, but the readers only know that a post is no longer visible.

One of the boards I read shows soft-deleted posts with a message as "Your moderator at work". Here's an example: vinyl tubing and potable water - Home Improvement | DSLReports Forums (I don't have attachment permissions to show screenshots)

The "missing" post is displayed as "your moderator at work" which expands into a drop-down list. The reason text can be blank or list a reason as "trolling", "friendly delete", or "off-topic".

My point is that readers should know when a moderator has soft-deleted a post. The visible indication (1) informs readers that moderators are actively patrolling the board and (2) confirms that posts have been removed when a moderator states the action has been taken.

The forum software is custom written and integrated into its site. I have not seen this feature in other forum software.

Can a "Your moderator at work" feature be implemented as an extension?