Setting up auto-pruning with a forum

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Setting up auto-pruning with a forum

Post by mrgtb » Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:08 pm

There is the option to setup any forum to auto-prune topics after so many days passes, or days passes with lack of views. Is there no way to not have topics (with replies made in them), so they don't get auto-pruned. So only topics with no replies get pruned after so many days passes.

I'm using a forum for pulling RSS Feeds on and have that setup to auto-prune topics after they become 7 days old (set views option to "0" to disable that) being used. But when feeds get replies, I'm having to move the topic to another forum to avoid the auto-prune deleting them also with user replies made on that RSS Feed Forum after 7 days passes. I wouldn't need to manually move topics to another forum if the auto-prune option had an extra option to not (prune) delete topics with replies.

Is this not an option worth adding to the auto-prune features that can be used with any forum. So you can at least still retain topics that have any replies made in them on a forum that uses auto-pruning.

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