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Last post of specific topic

Post by Kami-sama » Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:00 pm

Hey everyone!

I am looking for something similar to "Recent Topics", but the idea here is:
- you have 1 specific news topic
- last post of said topic is displayed in header div

I had code for that. But with phpBB 3 it no longer works because of URL.
I used: $.get("/t"+topicID+"-?view=newest", function(data){
This way I would take the data of newest post and would apply it where I need.

Maybe there already is an extension for this?
Or an extension to get topics newest post link? Seams like "?view=newest" does not work here.

I tried following this tutorial as well: ... rnal_pages
But no luck. Guess I am missing something in the code.

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