Custom quick-mod tools (3.2.x)

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Custom quick-mod tools (3.2.x)

Post by JSR01 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:12 am

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a method to define custom quick-mod tools for PHPBB3.2.2, please. I am working to migrate a community from (the late) ZetaBoards to a new PHPBB3 installation, and this is one of the oft-used features that i'm hoping to carry through to the new board. Ideally I'm looking to add a set of pre-defined quick-mod tools that require no user input other than the button-press to run, which perform multiple (existing) quick-mod actions all at once. It would be preferable (but certainly not essential) if these quick-mod tools could be set to only be available for use within certain forum sections.

As an example, I'd like to be able to set up a quick-mod tool that posts a predefined reply to the current topic, adds a prefix to the topic title, locks the topic, and moves the topic to a predefined forum. Instead of needing to perform each action individually and manually type the reply, rename the title, and select the move destination, the desired custom quick-mod tool could do the lot with a single click. Is such a feature possible?

While I'm a (very new) beginner to PHP, I very much enjoy learning & playing with it. In the event that this request is straightforward to set up, I'd appreciate any pointers on where to begin!

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