API for Mediafire?

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API for Mediafire?

Post by «THÖMÅS®©» » Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:09 am

I had an idea for having an API for Mediafire or other hosting provider uploads. I say this because we have one for IMGUR which I am making use of on all of my sites by the way.

Some of our users have made some points about not being able to attach files (not images) to any posts and I quite agree with them and wondered if there could be an extension, similar to the IMGUR API extension written, for online uploading sites such as Mediafire, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.com, whichever works of course. Most people (including myself) use shared hosting, and as such, most have a limited number of "inodes", in my case, I have 250,000 and so far, on a few sites, I have used around 50,000 of my limit. I have disabled any uploads on my sites, and have so far asked users to use our IMGUR API instead to "upload" their images instead. A lot of people are wanting to upload files, like script codes and all that, and server modifications to add to our game servers and such. We sometimes have to ask them to upload them to their own hosting accounts, but I don't think that is very fair on them.

If this extension is created, we would also like to add that a restriction should be an option to be only allowed to upload files with extensions such as .zip, .rar, .7z and any other archive format. It may be worth mentioning that we would also like to specify a folder (also similar to the IMGUR extension) that any uploads can be "sent to". For example, say I create a folder in my Mediafire account and call it "Board Uploads". Mediafire assigns that folder the randomised URL of "asoibquebfqewk", we can enter that randomised "folder name" and all uploads via this API would go in there.

It would also need to be "future proof" in a manner of speaking.

Hope there is a chance of this happening.
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