Per-post avatar selection ("mood avatars") and per-user postbox styling

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Per-post avatar selection ("mood avatars") and per-user postbox styling

Post by jjndig » Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:28 pm

Basically: the first one I'm going to request, is one that lets you have more than one avatar. You should be able to upload a set amount of avatars and you can choose on a per-post basis which to use in your post. They say images convey more than words, and a mood avatar could be used to humorous or fitting effect :P

Another cool feature would be to allow per-user customisation of the post box, with CSS. These styles would be specified in the UCP in separate boxes, for example styling the top bar, main post box, links, quote box, whole post table, or the sidebar, with CSS attributes. Note that unlike the software this is inspired from only these would be provided to use, rather than allowing styling of other elements in the page, if that makes sense.

These are two features carried over from the "AcmlmBoard" forum software which although may not have much use in a professional forum, for less serious or personal forums it might be a sweet addition.

I don't have any money in the bank right now so I won't be able to request these to be made for a price... :(

Thanks for any support...

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