Can you auto create forums, groups and users using PHP?

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Can you auto create forums, groups and users using PHP?

Post by D3Pixel » Thu Sep 19, 2019 12:08 am


I am working on a dashboard portal for a standard website and wondering if I can automate partial setup and logging into phpBB for my clients, they need private "company" forums without seeing any others. I just want to know if this kind of thing is possible?

1. I create a random key e.g. "HKDYUyd&6ds2" and send this to a client. At my end, that key decrypts to = "ACME 101"
2. Client comes to my website and clicks a link "Login to Dashboard"
3. Standard web form pops up asking for name, email address, password ,and optionally the random key they were sent.
Now, when they submit this info, I want the key decrypted in php to "ACME 101" and then to automate the following

1. Group exist? No=Auto create a phpBB user group called "ACME 101"
2. Forum exist? No=Auto create 5 forums (e.g. General, Live Projects, Require Approval, Archived Projects, Resources) for "ACME 101"
3. User exists? No=Auto Create a New User using the form fields "name" and "password" and assign to Group ACME 101
4. Log them in and display for the forum.

Obviously if no random key is provided on the form I need to try and log them in using their details (or cookies) and have found this snip-it of code for external logins: viewtopic.php?p=3382184#p3382184

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