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Image extension

Post by stlvargas »

Cao a tutti, I'm looking for an extension to upload images to my forum
I used Tinypic, then unfortunately it closed, and I folded back to IMGur
Unfortunately I'm not satisfied, it doesn't resize the images and even the most trivial photos are too big, and users have serious problems
Is there any alternative?
Many thanks in advance
Roberto, Italy

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Re: Image extension

Post by Gumboots »

You could try this:
Not sure if it works with 3.2.8, but it might.

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Re: Image extension

Post by KYPREO »

Have you considered using the inbuilt attachment system? Depending on the version of phpBB you are using, it will resize images if you enforce maximum dimensions in the ACP. If you enable the imagemagick extension for php, then you can also enforce creation of thumbnails. Then with the lightbox extension, then when you click on a thumbnail, the full size image will open in a lightbox.

From phpbb 3.2.5 the uploaded image will also be auto-rotated to the original orientation in which it was taken (with suitable code modification)

The advantage of the above is that you are no longer reliant on an external image host that might disappear or deprecate the original hotlink URL. The images will stay on your forum as long as you decide to keep them there.
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Re: Image extension

Post by andares »

Sorry for my bad English, I use a translator...

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Re: Image extension

Post by mastnacek »

Im using standard upload function, only jpeg extension, resize to 1280x800 via acp and modified /phpbb/plupload/plupload.php

public function generate_resize_string()
$resize = '';
if ($this->config['img_max_height'] > 0 && $this->config['img_max_width'] > 0)
$resize = sprintf(

'resize: {width: %d, height: %d, quality: 70 ,preserve_headers: false},',
(int) $this->config['img_max_width'],
(int) $this->config['img_max_height']

return $resize;

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