Azerbaijani [AZ] Language Pack

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Azerbaijani [AZ] Language Pack

Post by Proger »

Hello! My name is Orkhan Guliyev. I have update phpBB 2.0.x to Azerbaijani and I has corrected mistakes.

Please write that to me to do? (Send file?)

Best regards,
Orkhan Guliyev. [Proger]

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Re: Azerbaijani [AZ] Language Pack

Post by Raimon »

The best thing is contact the maintainer, in this case it is Goshgar :)
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Re: Azerbaijani [AZ] Language Pack

Post by ameeck »

If the maintainer is not interested in keeping the pack up-to-date, you can contact Vic d'Elfant and take care of the translation more easily.

Look here: ... 6&t=525438, it is for phpBB3, but it is practically the same information.

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Re: Azerbaijani [AZ] Language Pack

Post by Leitai »

Thanks, It is what I was after. And I need a chinese translation version for my sister.
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