How to install phpbb on domain

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How to install phpbb on domain

Post by nurr »

I have buy domain and now I want to install PhPBB on domain but don't have any idea to install. Please help me in installation. Can Somebody help me? I want to install on
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Re: How to install phpbb on domain

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first thing. you have posted in the phpbb 3.2 forum and you do NOT want to install phpbb 3.2 yet because it is still being tested and has not been released.

having said that, to install 3.1.10 click on the downloads button in the menu at the top of this page.
download the current full version zip file to your computer.

unzip it to your computer, you will have a folder named phpBB3
using ftp only, upload that folder to your server ( usually to the public_html folder or the htdocs or www folder, whatever your host provides for you. )
using your hosting control panel, create a new blank database with a username/password.

now, visit in your browser and the install will come up.

fill in the blanks, click the buttons and follow instructions and you are done.

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Re: How to install phpbb on domain

Post by Ibedejo »

webhostface wrote:Next you should upload the archive file to a folder in your hosting account using FTP or the cPanel File Manager. After that just Extract the archive into the folder you wish your forum to open from.
No, you don't upload the archive file and extract it on the server. This may work but chances are good it doesn't, causing problems sooner or later ;)
Do it the way outlined by Robert.

Additional infos can be found here: ... tallation/

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