Incompatible Extensions for 3.2

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Re: Incompatible Extensions for 3.2

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The description nowhere mentions in the description that it will send a email on mention, so you found a minor bug in a feature nowhere described (And you posted this at 3 different location, of which 2 being the wrong location).

You also do not seem to understand, even while you was told previously, that we are all volenteers and you can’t just expect that if you find a bug it get fixed right away. I have been very busy with some stuff at work, which has way higher priorty as phpBB, so I simply didn’t had the time yet to build a release for the extension. Even if I had the time in the last two weeks, it didn’t mean it would have been validated within that timeframe, as extension validation (Which is again done by volenteers) takes a bit of time.
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Re: Incompatible Extensions for 3.2

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Re: Incompatible Extensions for 3.2

Post by Mick »

DWFII wrote:
Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:11 pm
Simple mentions is not compatible with phpBB 3.2 simply because it does not work the way it is advertised to work
Yes, we got the point from the first time you mentioned it, any more discussion should carry on in the dedicated discussion/support forum for your extension.
JimA wrote:
Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:53 pm
This topic is only for mentioning incompatible extensions. For further in-depth discussion about issues with the extension, you can use the designated CDB area for it
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Reason: Posts after this one removed. ALL further discussion about Simple Mentions and its 3.2 compatibility should be done in the Customisations Database area for it. Thank you.
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