Trying to upgrade 3.1.10 to 3.2

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Trying to upgrade 3.1.10 to 3.2

Post by Jhieminga »

I've been trying to upgrade a 3.1.10 forum to 3.2 last night and ran into problems. I thought it might be useful to share my experience here.
  • First attempt was through the auto update system. I uploaded the /Install and /Vendor folders but when I went to the /Install/index.html page this only triggered the app.php page which stuck on a white page.
  • Second attempt was through an upload of a full 3.2 package. I kept the config.php file, the /Images /Stores and /Files folder and uploaded a full 3.2 package but when I then went to the /Install/index.html I got the exact same behaviour as on the first attempt.
  • I then cleaned out the directory again, apart from the file and folders mentioned before. I uploaded a full 3.1.10 package and was then able to access my board again.
(I've skipped over several attempts at one method).

My board is not heavily modified but uses three extensions: Tapatalk, Obscurecontactus and Stopforumspam.

I'll be honest and mention that I did not disable these before the update but now that I've got everything working again I am not very eager to try again. I would appreciate it if there could be a way in which these extensions don't mess with the update in such an extensive way. Surely a way can be found in which the update just disables and extensions if needed, or is that a crazy idea?

I checked the error logs on my server and the errors were things like 'incorrect ]' in a file or suchlike. I cannot seem to go back to the logs from yesterday for some reason.

If anyone has any tips to improve this situation then I'm open to that. If not I think I'll await 3.2.1 before trying again. Perhaps by that time either the extentions have been updated to cover 3.2 or the update process is a bit more stable.

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