[split from] Spam Registrations

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[split from] Spam Registrations

Post by SMP1977 »

Hey guys, i am not entirely sure if i am in the right place or not but i am have a very very strange coincidence in regards to Spam Registrations / Spiders and Robots.

Monday afternoon my boards all of a sudden started to act pretty unruly. I have the symptoms listed here : viewtopic.php?f=556&t=2406661

But i ahve been troubleshooting since Monday afternoon and i just came across the spiders and robots portion of my ACP. And interestingly enough i see that yahoo bot was my first bot to visit my site and i i would say almost to the minute that everything on my boards started to get squirrely.

I am a newb, i am a musician trying to run a website for other musicians so please go easy on me with technical terms and if i may not doing something correctly but?

Is there some sort of corrective action i can take to make my boards good again?

I am convinced that what is going on has to be directly related with the yahoo bot and the other three that came to visit after yahoo did.
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Re: Spam Registrations

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

highly unlikely that it had anything to do with the yahoo bot.
if you are having spammer problems it is because you are using the outdated captcha instead of the Q&A as suggested. get a good question that can't be googled for the answer.

it was also mentioned that you were missing some files. that needs to be addressed.

I also notice that your server is running nginx. there have been several problems with nginx lately.

I have no idea how to fix them but if you do a search here for nginx you will find the fixes for it.

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