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SEO Titles

Post by mrix2000 »

Hello all, I cannot understand why the titles are not reversed within the phpbb 3.2 software for better SEO purposes :?

Having the site title show first over and over again through every single topic does not seem to make sense ?
Over the years I have read countless seo articles that state the first couple of keywords within a page are the most important so by having the sites title simply duplicated over and over throughout every single generated page cannot be good for getting better serp ranking of sub pages etc ?

Any way to reverse the titles ?

Thanks all
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Re: SEO Titles

Post by Brf »

The default prosilver style already puts the sitename after the topic title in 3.2. At least it is supposed to...

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<!-- IF not S_VIEWTOPIC and not S_VIEWFORUM -->{SITENAME} - <!-- ENDIF -->
<!-- IF S_IN_MCP -->{L_MCP} - <!-- ELSEIF S_IN_UCP -->{L_UCP} - <!-- ENDIF -->
<!-- IF S_VIEWTOPIC or S_VIEWFORUM --> - {SITENAME}<!-- ENDIF --></title>
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