Resizing existing uploaded image attachments

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Resizing existing uploaded image attachments

Post by digitaltoast »

We've got posts and files going back 8 years and the attachment folder is now 2.5Gb with a lot of HUGE images.

Although the files have no extension, Linux's "file" command gives this info:

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9897_45200056c4ea07275bf57e07323eda39: JPEG image data, Exif standard: [TIFF image data, little-endian, direntries=17, height=3456, bps=218, PhotometricIntepretation=RGB, manufacturer=Panasonic, model=DMC-TZ55, orientation=upper-left, width=4608], progressive, precision 8, 4608x3456, frames 3
So my idea was to test all files in the attachments dir, and where type was jpeg AND width was > 1280 AND filesize was > 250k, then process it with the best and latest jpeg compression, keeping the EXIF data.

That's the easy(ish) part, but I notice that the attachments DB has columns for filesize and filetime.

I can probably get round the filetime bit by getting the filetime first, storing in a var, and the "touching" the file with the old date after modification. But what about that filesize column? Is this going to mess things up?


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Re: Resizing existing uploaded image attachments

Post by canonknipser »

I posted a article a while ago Knowledge Base - Backing up attachments with their original filenames. Another script I posted was to resize attachment thumbnails:
Maybe you can use those scripts as a sample for your needs, eg. discover jpeg images by mime-type from DB and run the resize from inside a script.

I won't bother about the filetime and filesize matching between database and filesystem because the database entry is only for display and not checked against the file (no need to read those informations from filesystem every time a attachment is displayed)
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