live link and media embed issues

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live link and media embed issues

Post by brianx » Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:35 pm

My users are reporting all sorts of strange behaviour now I am on phpbb 3.2

Pasting a link into a post sometimes displays the result in-line but not for all sites. Some users don't see the link at all just a white space. Add the [url code to the link displays it in the post for everyone though.

Inserting a link to a Youtube video displays the video in-line in the post for me and some users but not others. I used to use a bbcode tag for that and will have to reintroduce it!

I tried an extension called s9e mediaembed which worked well for many sites but users still had problems as above. I upgraded s9e to the official phpbb mediaembed which also works well but not consistently for all sites which is a shame although most of the common ones are covered.

Dropbox and similar now seem to prevent hotlinking deliberately too. Is there any way round all this so users can just paste a link and be done with it please?

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