Error with Picture resulotion on Upload

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Re: Error with Picture resulotion on Upload

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Well yes - just follow my instructions to change the code instead of your approach. And after that you might want to tweak the code according to Re: Problem with uploading large jpg files after update 3.2.2.
Ok, I sincerely apologize for being so thick, but where are your instructions to change the code?

or will this fix everything?


I am definitely missing something, I don't want to be a pest, and do sincerely appreciate your help.
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Re: Error with Picture resulotion on Upload

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AmigoJack wrote:
Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:27 am
A fix would be to use checkExifData()'s result only when isSofMarker() never led to usable results.
In other words: there must be two loops - first one for potential SOF markers and only if none was found a second loop for potential EXIF or XMP data. And for performance reasons the code from 3.2.2 should be incorporated to advance segment-wise instead of byte-wise.
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