[Split from] Feed stopped working

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[Split from] Feed stopped working

Post by Stoertie » Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:44 pm

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Hi all,

I'm from Germany, so I hope you understand my poor English... ;-)

I have the same problem with vers. 3.2.1.

I have found some android feed readers that can read only the pubic posts of my forum, but what ever I try I can't get the posts wich are readable only with a login. I tried Feed reader that have the possibility to fill in username and password and I tried many others with different adresses like:

http://Username:Password@forum.xxxxxxx. ... ?auth=http
http://forum.xxxxxxx.de/feed.php?auth=http <-- with extra filling in user and password
http://Username:Password@forum.xxxxxxx. ... ?auth=http <- with additional and extra filling in user and password

...and so on. I also tried to change "feed.php" to "app.php>/feed"

On Android app called spaRSS has the option to fill in a login cookie but when I use the phpbb_xxx_k cookie it's the same. Maximum is, that I get the public posts. :(

Has anybody an idea to make the feedreading work? Does anyone nows a working Android app? (But not Taptaptalk, because of their aggressive advertising in many forums I hate it. :shock: )

It would be very nice, if someone is able to help.

Best regard
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