BBCode Reparse Bug

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BBCode Reparse Bug

Post by Tarantino » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:09 pm

Hi there, after update a 3.0 forum to 3.2 and recreate all new bbcodes, I've runned via CLI command the reparse tool:

php bin/phpbbcli.php --safe-mode reparser:reparse --ansi

It solved all my BBCode problems, so thats not the problem.
Let me say that I've the cron status extension and I saw that we've 2 crons:

When I run the reparser I saw something about polls, so I beleive it runned those 2.
The thing is that almost all or even all topics appeared with polls, but empty polls.
I've checked the database and I saw on poll_options table a lot of empty options with only "<t></t>"
Then on topics table I've seen that I had many poll_titles with the same "<t></t>"
So I start removing all of those with sql comand to empty string, but the problem didnt dissapeared.

So I dig it up more and manually I've solved one topic and I compared on the database a good topic with a bad one, and I saw that the bad one had a time value on poll_start and poll_max_options diferent then 0, so I've run another sql command to put all back to 0 when the poll_title is empty.
And voilá, problem solved.

But this poll problem appeared only after the oficial reparse. :evil:

Please take a look at that! Because I beleive there is a problem with that.
Some days ago I've seen more people that have talked about having <t></t> on the polls too:

I guess the poll_title having just that <t></t> will not cause any problem, but I had problems because of poll_max_options and poll_start that it seems to changed after reparse, go figure why...

EDIT: I can say that the poll_start have the same value as the topic_last_view_time. If that helps.

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