How to add cronjob for phpBBB with cpanel

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How to add cronjob for phpBBB with cpanel

Post by MattisBLN » Sun May 06, 2018 7:26 am


can anyone please help me to set up a system cronjob for phpBB? My site is managed with cpanel, but I guess the syntax would be similar with any cron-tab.

The ACP says that you have to make sure "bin/phpbbcli.php cron:run" is called e. g. every 5 minutes.

So I tried php /path-to-phpbb/bin/phpbbcli.php cron:run - result is "this script has to be run from command line".

I tried /path-to-phpbb/bin/phpbbcli.php cron:run, this resuls in "no permission". I changed the file-permission to 755, then again I get "has to be run from command line".

What would be the correct entry for crontab to run the cronjob of phpbb?

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely Matthias

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