'Undisclosed recipients' in the 'To' field of 'mass-emails'

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'Undisclosed recipients' in the 'To' field of 'mass-emails'

Post by ferryboat » Sat May 19, 2018 2:04 pm

I've tried today the 'mass-emailing feature' of PHPBB, in order to let my forum's users recover their (sometimes) lost usernames.
I hoped they could use the usernames and mailboxes to recover their passwords.

So I've sent them a message that also my fakes users (I use to check all is OK) have received.
Acting this way I've realized their emails didn't contain the relative 'To' field; so the emails haven't displayed the usernames of the recipients and all my time was wasted, because those who have lost their username coulds't get it!

I've found many messages about this issue and only one fix is provided, but I could't apply such suggestions because I haven't found where to apply the mods described here: https://www.phpbbguru.net/community/vie ... php?t=1904

Any suggestion / solution to this old issue?

Is any mailing-list extension useful to send a newsletter including each user's nick-names?


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