Reset all Rights to "Factory Settings"

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Reset all Rights to "Factory Settings"

Post by charly65 » Tue May 29, 2018 10:43 pm


is there a way to reset all rights/permissions for Users/Groups/Forums etc. to "factory settings?".

Since the permission hierarchy in phpBB is fairly complex, in the beginning of my forum about
10 years ago there were permissions configured not exactly knowing what we were doing. :-(
While most of that has been cleaned up over the years, there sure are some leftovers from
back then in the database which do cause some strange behaviour from time to time.
Since I don't need a complex right structure I thought it might be best to "reset everything".

The desired permission structure is fairly flat, so there's basically only 3 levels:
  • Admins & Mods should be allowed to do their normal tasks and read & write everywhere.
  • Registered Users should be allowed to read&write almost everywhere except for a few forums.
  • Guests should be able to read almost everywhere except for a few forums.

So the idea is: reset everything and then set the permissions necessary for 3-4 forums
instead of going through every single forum/group/user to get that straightened out.

Any recommendations on how to get there?
If that's easier I'm fine to do some changes on the SQL level - I'll do those changes
on a test/dev copy of the forum anyway, so there's zero risk ...

Perhaps you could point me to the proper place in the docs, if it's documented there.

Many thanks.

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