Old PhpBB board help!

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Old PhpBB board help!

Post by GhostInTheMachine » Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:41 pm

Hi there,

I have a forum at http://everythingghost.co.uk/forum/portal.php The index is accessible via the Portal.

I have an old board, it is 3.0.8. Probably a lot of you will be appalled by that.
The reason I didn't upgrade it yet was:
1) not really knowing how. The original board I have was set up by a site called freeforums.org many years ago for a fee, I didn't do it myself, and I'm afraid I'll botch it by doing it myself
2) I want to keep the iPortal I have, and I think that this will disappear if I upgrade.
3) The forum has been running OK, for the most part.... except the chatroom is a bit antiquated and I'm sure you guys will know lots of reasons why I should upgrade to the latest versions
4) I'm just not sure what will happen if I upgrade it, what will be kept or lost, what changes will happen, how easy it is....

However, I also have a big problem!
About 6 months ago I wanted to create a new, second Admin, as I didn't really want to do the job any more.
I started off by making her an admin in the administration panel, and then she started getting all the New registration requests into her Inbox.
However she neglected this, and in the end I wound up deleting her as Admin, and I then tried to work out how to make sure the new registration requests came to me.
I have failed to do this, and so now all the newly registered people don't go anywhere, I have no idea where they go, who they go to, but none are appearing on the forum. I also stopped getting ANY emails at all to my Inbox for the forum.
Lord knows how I have messed this up, but I don't know how to undo it. I really need some help.

The forum is dying now because no one registering is getting through.
Can anyone help me to get back all the emails so they are coming to me, including newly registered people?
Baby steps for me please, no techy jargon!

Thank you!

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Re: Old PhpBB board help!

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:03 pm

I suggest you go ahead and do the upgrade. there are many new things available and eventually your board will stop working just because your host will update php and the old board will not work on the new php versions.

It is not difficult if you can read and follow basic step by step instructions and know how to use ftp.

I suggest you either setup your computer as a webserver using something like wamp or xamp, or you setup a copy of your board on your hosting account.

that way you can do the upgrade without touching your live site until you get it all working.

when you upgrade you will lose any and all MODs that you have installed like the portal but there are portal extensions available.
you will loose that style but there are plenty that look almost identical.

you will not lose any members, or posts or forums or images etc.

click on the menu buttons at the top of this page. find the knowledgebase articles.
there you will find out how to setup the webserver on your computer, you will also find instructions on how to update/upgrade etc.

I suggest you go from 3.0 to 3.1 then install the portal extension and any other extensions that you may need to keep any other MODs you have now.
then, when you have that all done and upgraded to a working 3.1 board. you can do the upgrade to 3.2.2

doing it in steps will help keep your portal working and any other MODs that you have now as long as there are extensions to replace them.

spend some time checking out the new versions and what is available here in the way of extensions, styles, etc.

good luck and if you get stuck just let us know and we will help.
remember, as long as you have a backup you are never more than a couple of clicks away from a full recovery.

I am available for custom work on a donation basis. Please send me a PM with your needs.

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Re: Old PhpBB board help!

Post by janus_zonstraal » Sun Jul 22, 2018 7:09 am

Normally I make a full copy of the board and try the upgrade with that one first.
When everything is working as expect than you can do the live board and have very little down time.
Sorry! My English is bat ;) !!!

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Re: Old PhpBB board help!

Post by Mick » Sun Jul 22, 2018 7:22 am

As you probably know 3.0.x is long time EOL and, as such, support for it has ended. The only thing we can do is help you with the upgrade to 3.2.x. I suggest you have a read of the admin guide specifically the Upgrade Guide. I would suggest though that you test the upgrade locally, a bit of (safe) practice never hurts. You can set up a local server by following Knowledge Base - Installing and Setting Up Your Own Web Server. Also Roberts advice about doing it incrementally is a good method in some difficult circumstances.

Do not forget to back up the files and database before you start.
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