Forcing forum subscriptions on an intranet site

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Forcing forum subscriptions on an intranet site

Post by LoRoller » Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:23 pm

We are a small non-profit using phpBB as our intranet. It works great for this, with the exception that administrators are not allowed to force subscriptions and email notifications.

Using the info provided below, I was able to identify the members that have subscriptions to our two mandatory forums "News" and "Call for Help", and by process of elimination identify those who haven't.

Subject: Display users' Subscriptions
stevemaury wrote:
Sun May 12, 2013 1:54 pm
Then you would do this:

Code: Select all

SELECT username FROM phpbb_users WHERE user_id IN(SELECT user_id FROM phpbb_topics_watch WHERE topic_id = N) ;
That would give you the username of all users subscribed to topic N. For forums, just substitute "forums" for "topics" in the query.
However, we still depend on the individuals to subscribe themselves, and despite several requests many haven't yet followed through to follow the instructions to subscribe. We are in a somewhat urgent situation as our old email forwarding chain system was corrupted. BTW, it doesn't help that the forums' "Subscribe" button features an "X" in a box which makes users think it's already checked!

We need a one-time-only SQL command to force a subscription to forum "N" for all members. I understand that this would be inappropriate on an internet site, however this is an intranet and we have explicit permission to email our members. Thanks in advance.

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