PHPBB 3.2.2 using MySQL Server 8.0.12

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PHPBB 3.2.2 using MySQL Server 8.0.12

Post by brado23 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:24 pm


Has anyone managed to get PHPBB 3.2.2 working when using MySQL Server 8.0.12 as the database platform? If so, what needs to be done to get it working?

It looks like it doesn't like the new caching sha2 authentication mechanism in MySQL 8.0.12, but even when setting up a user in MySQL which uses Standard authentication, phpbb 3.2.2 will still not install. When running Install from the initial setup web page and setting up the database parameters, using a caching sha2 user immediately fails as soon as you press the Submit button. When using a user with Standard authentication, it appears to progress but waits for the timeout period of the MySQL server and the comes up with the message "MySQL server has gone away" and doesn't progress. The default timeout on MySQL is 10 seconds, but I have changed this to 30, 60 and 120 seconds and still get the timeout after those times.

Any ideas?


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