[SOLVED] PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class phpbb\di\pass\collection_pass

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[SOLVED] PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class phpbb\di\pass\collection_pass

Post by Toxyy » Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:03 am

Getting this:

PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class phpbb\di\pass\collection_pass, because the name is already in use in C:\MAMP\htdocs\forums\ext\toxyy\phpbb\phpBB\phpbb\di\pass\collection_pass.php on line 24

when trying to access the acp. It just happened suddenly. I was working on my extension when this happened. I've reverted all the changes that I've made and still I'm getting this error. I tried to reboot my computer and MAMP, but still nothing.

What's going on?

This is the error that keeps getting posted in my php error log. White page when I click on the ACP link. I tried deleting all events from my listener (though none affect the ACP) and that didn't help either. Manually deleting cache didn't fix it.

I had the phpbb directory in my /ext/toxyy folder because that's where my github desktop is set to. Oops.
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