Latte header change

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Brian Lambert
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Latte header change

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I have three themes on my forum - Prosilver, Prosilver SE and Latte. I have successfully replaced the phpbb heading in the two prosilver versions but I'm unable to change the latte version. Any ideas please?

This part I've circled in red is the area I would like to replace with my own logo if its possible....
I've placed the logo etc into the files as per Prosilver and the SE version but nothing works in Latte.
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Re: Latte header change

Post by Brf »

To receive style support, for styles obtained from this site, please visit our Styles database and post in the specific style's designated Discussion/Support forum. The link to the support area for each released style is also available in the first post of each released style listed in the [3.2.x] Styles Database Releases forum.

General support requests regarding styles should be made in Styles Support & Discussion forums.

For styles not obtained from this site you would need to seek support from where you obtained the style.
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