javascript code old phpbb forum

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javascript code old phpbb forum

Post by Henk-1 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:01 am

Hi , im try to restart a dead old forum
it was early a Ikonboard forum .
But someone convert it too phpbb

It is now upgrade is to 3.2.4

But i have a question, by old pictures in the forum i have a javascript code (ikonboard troubles)

(screen.width/2)){this.width = (this.width/2)}" onclick="javascript:if(this.width > (screen.width/2)){this.width = (this.width/2)} else {this.width = (this.width*2)}" border="0" alt='Posted image: Click to resize'>

We try the badword filter, but that is no succes
Badwords dont like the blank space
Is there perhaps a badword sentence ?

regards Henk

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