[3.2.7] Missing Google Structured Data for posts

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[3.2.7] Missing Google Structured Data for posts

Post by mato24 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:08 pm

I'm using a custom theme based on prosilver and I have a problem with Google Structured Data (I guess that's how it is called)
Basically the problem is that date, authors and number of posts are missing in Google search.

For example this forum has it:

I have tried to find some special code in the template that make this works but even phpbb.com forum doesn't have any special tags for that.
I know that you can add e.g JSON-LD with specific tags but this forum doesn't have any tags in the HTML so I'm wondering how it is working without that.

I found this schema: https://schema.org/DiscussionForumPosting
and adding createdDate didn't fix my problem because Google still shows just a description with breadcrumbs.

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