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Database update problem with 3.2.7

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:48 am
by t0ni

I am trying to update 3.1.12 forum to a latest 3.2.7 version.

I downloaded the a full package from here and did the command line update on the database according to the instructions.

Forum seems to work now, but ACP says that "Your phpBB installation has not been correctly updated".

Files Version 3.2.7
Database version 3.1.12

Board version shows 3.1.12

So this means that database update was not succesful even though it finished succesfully. Now when I try to run the db update again it finishes with 100% and no errors, but ACP still shows that update was not succesful. Cache, Store and even Ext folders have been emptied multiple times.

How does PHPBB check the database version? Could it be that update was succesful, but ACP gets wrong information?

EDIT: I've played around with the forum and everything seems to work. There's just that red error message in ACP. Nothing else is wrong. Shouldn't there be more errors if database really was still 3.1.12 version and files were 3.2.7?