Forum being shut down by Hosting Company Again!

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Re: Forum being shut down by Hosting Company Again!

Post by warmweer »

Is the old version of your board still active? If yes post the url so that we can at least have an idea of the size of the board.
Also, surely you know the phpBB version of your board? You have the board since 2009: which version did you start with, Did you install it, did you update it?

Can you post a printscreen of your folder structure (with the size of the folders), also post a printscreen of the contents of the /store folder. If there is an SQL file in there or a backup_ xxxxxx.gz, tell us the size.
A 4 GB database would be exceptional for a board as you described.
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Re: Forum being shut down by Hosting Company Again!

Post by Pinkolyn »

The old version is active... but not online because the nameservers are in process of being pointed back over to the old version.
I think the version is 3.21

I started with the version that was the latest and greatest in 2009. Not sure what that was then... but I did perform a couple updates since.

I did backups of the site files. There where three backups I was instructed to do from hostgator.
Home.tar.gz 20.24 GB
sql.gz 27 mb
phpbb.sql.gz1 27 kb

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Re: Forum being shut down by Hosting Company Again!

Post by obfuscated »

Pinkolyn wrote:
Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:30 pm
Home 20.24 GB
sql 27 mb
Well how did you entire install double in size?
27mb for the db seems reasonable.. so if it's now 4GB something has gone horribly wrong.

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Re: Forum being shut down by Hosting Company Again!

Post by KevC »

I'll try again for about the 4th time.....

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