SEO urls from old Nuke Software re-write to phpbb 3.2 ?

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SEO urls from old Nuke Software re-write to phpbb 3.2 ?

Post by mrix2000 » Mon May 22, 2017 7:34 pm

Hello all, I pulled my very old phpbb3.2 software from an old phpnuke site I had and now successfully running it as a standalone forum :D 8-)
Unfortunately I have hundreds of broken links in Google as it was running .html style urls :cry:

So far I have come up with the below style links, it shows you the format they were originally in to the new format, my question is, is there a piece of code that can simply re-write all these old urls and direct them to the equivalent updated url instead of loading countless pieces of code like the code below to my .htacess etc

Thanks for any idea`s all

code here
redirect 301 /forum-60.html /viewforum.php?f=60
redirect 301 /forum-64.html /viewforum.php?f=64
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