SMF 2.x to phpBB 3.2

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SMF 2.x to phpBB 3.2

Post by Juju » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:26 pm

As I was trying to convert my own forum from SMF 2.0 to phpBB, I found this thing that only works with phpBB 3.0, I went ahead and made it work on phpBB 3.2.

Here's the result of my work:
Download latest version: ...

Be sure to install the extension before installing your board, or at least before converting, and please tell me if you find any issues.

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Re: SMF 2.x to phpBB 3.2

Post by Blacktiger63 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:04 am

Great you converted it and we can try this now, but before I try I can already tell you I found an issue before starting to try it.

I had a look at the content of the functions_smf20.php file and found the same problem I found and mentioned in my topic (with the fix).
It's about this statement:

Code: Select all

$message = preg_replace('/\[quote=(.*?)\]/s', '[quote="\1"]', $message);
and 3 similar once right below it. This will cause strange quote text stuff.
You need to replace " by just " to fix this.

I described my issue and this solution in my thread here in the 3rd post:

I will correct this and give it a try to see if I find any other issues also occuring with the older conversion tool (message parser error and img code stuff).

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