[HELP] Forumotion conversion

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[HELP] Forumotion conversion

Post by orochii » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:51 pm

Hi! I'm having troubles trying to export a forumotion forum (since they don't give you the option). I'm not the admin, but I'm actually helping him to migrate.

I've tried one of the converters for 3.0.x with a test forum I did (they're free!!!), it fetches the user list but fails to do mostly anything else. This Forumotion converter is pretty much a specialized phpbb3 crawler, but it's necessary.

Now, I've read these converters tend to become obsolete very fast due to Forumotion reading these forums. I'm sorry for asking this on the very first post, but in case someone had something for this already done, can it be sent to me via MP?

If not, then I would love some help and guidance as how to proceed, let's say we can use nneonneo's code as a base. I managed to run it but, as I said, didn't work due to Forumotion's updates (probably).

Thanks in advance!

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