Plush to phpBB 3.2.7 on AWS

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Plush to phpBB 3.2.7 on AWS

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I received a json data export from Plush. Here's one (sanitized) record:
{"CountDiscussions": 26, "LikeSilver": 0, "Liked": 2178, "LikeGold": 1, "Name": "xxxx", "CountComments": 2285, "Meta": {}, "Deleted": 0, "Photo": "userpics/407/xxxx.gif", "Banned": 0, "LikeMedal": 0, "UserID": 1, "LikeBronze": 0, "DateFirstVisit": "2019-07-14T02:23:42", "Roles": ["Administrator"], "LastIPAddress": "xxxx", "Password": "xxxx", "DateLastActive": "2019-08-13T05:25:50", "Email": "xxxx"}
I use mySQLWorkbench to open the Table Data Import Wizard and browse to a 1.json or scrubbed.json and import... says all is fine shows 2 green status dots but on the final page says table created zero records imported?!?. Click Show logs and all is well.. How to diagnose?

2nd problem seems cookie related. I have one server which is a single instance. Users stay logged in ok:

Another site is 2 instances behind an elastic beanstalk load balancer with sticky sessions set. Users get booted to the login page often. Cookie settings:

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 7.52.07 PM.png
AWS engineers have scrutinized the beanstalk logs and assure me once a user logs in they will continue to same inst until logging out. How to fix? How to convince AWS there's something wrong if that's the case?

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