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"Support forums" or "almost 50 Shades of Grey"

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:41 pm
by HappySailor
Hey friends,

I'm not sure if my post really belongs here, if not please move it. I enjoy phpbb quite a lot and have worked a little on my own forum, giving it a sexy greyish feeling (I hope sexy ;) ). It's supposed to work as a support forum, and I tried to trim it that way. My goals were to throw everything out what I think is not needed in a support forum (like showing birthdays), to make it simplistic and to add my own header, in order to integrate it into my main site. If some of you want me to and can guide me, I might be able to release it as a style. In any case you can ask questions here, or simply copy elements you like. If you would like to sign-up to test it, please do so. Test posts are welcome in the offtopic section. If you find any bugs, please report. It's brand new, so don't expect many posts.

A tiny little warning, my site is generally only for adults, but it's safe to visit as there is no adult content of any form on the forum. Visit it here and check it out. I hope you like it and I appreciate your feedback. I hope that's the kind of 50 Shades of Grey you like. ;)

Re: "Support forums" or "almost 50 Shades of Grey"

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:08 pm
by mrgoldy
I am not too familair with 'submitting a style for release', but I am guessing 'removing' features isn't recommended.
A few of the options you have removed from your style are configurable through the ACP, eg. the birthday list, online list, etc..

Here are the phpBB 3.2.x Style coding guidelines.

Moreover, Vinny's signature is a great help aswell. Eventhough they are quite accessible through the phpBB header (Customize > Styles).
But I do agree, a link to a few of these in the actual style forum might be nice.