[RC] Silents (Child)

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[RC] Silents (Child)

Post by Tastenplayer »

In memory of the many Corona deaths victimes...

Stylename: Silents
Style Version:
phpBB Version: 3.2.9
Based on: prosilver
Note: This style requires quite some extension adjustments!
This style is only available in my forum.
silents inside.jpg
It is a very dark rust brown and finally turns orange and not black.
silents icon.jpg
In the icons are elements from the picture created by Talk19Zehn and elements from Talk19Zehn.
Talk19Zehn (https://www.ongray-design.de/) has also created a professional icon set on my behalf (including no_avatar). Many thanks for this great iconset! (with elements from the header image https://pixabay.com/images/id-3082832/ )
Silents Iconset Talk19Zehn.jpg
Certainly not everybody likes the icons I created. They also don't fit to every forum subject.
silents light.jpg
More of my styles you can find in my phpBB Style Board & More My styles -3.2.10-RC2
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Re: [RC] Silents (Child)

Post by Talk19Zehn »

Thank you very much for kindly mentioning me because I created the icons on your behalf, including some details of the header graphic. I wish you much success with this phpBB design.
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