Should Marijuana be Entirely Legal?

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Popp Singh
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Re: Should Marijuana be Entirely Legal?

Post by Popp Singh » Mon May 10, 2010 10:43 pm

This isnt ment against anyone at all but i think that there have been some things said that we should talk more about and try to clear up . What i say here isnt gods word carved in stone . It could be worded better . Its just an atempt to clear some things up .

"but I've seen enough families wrecked, lives ruined and deaths from dope and alcohol."

As marshalrusty would say ........"I think this statement requires a neutral, independent, objective inquiry" . So , not wishing to have an argument with you , i think it would be cool to go into what you said a bit deeper . Can you or anyone please give an example or examples of how lives are ruined by drugs ( dope and alcohol both being drugs ) and of why the deaths you are talking about happen/ed.

"It's harmless, right."

Can you also explain what you mean by that . What do you mean by "It" and "harmless" . I take it you ment that the "It" you are talking about isnt "harmless" .

Its not things that are harmfull , have you ever seen a gun shoot someone for example , its what people do with things that can cause harm . And if people are properly informed about things that others have harmed themselves and others with there is much less chance that that harm will happen again . Again back to the learning to drive a car example . Drugs are a fact of life and have been since before we developed from hairy apes to the naked apes we are now . Did you know that some animals like the effects of them . A good every day example for that is when gardeners put saucers of beer in their gardens to attract slugs .

"It's not acid or DMT."

The same aplys to those drugs though to . They can be used or abused .

"Substances with addictive properties do leave shattered lives in their wake."

Back to heroin as an example . It is not physicaly harmfull . The stuff that most people get isnt pure heroin its cut and its the cuts that harm people . Remember suply and demand and that they control price and quality ? If drugs werent "Illegal" the price would go down and the quality would go up plus they could be taxed . It would also be posible for scientists to study them , their effects and their use wich at the moment is to say the least very difficult because of their "illegality"

People can shatter their lives with a lot of things . Its not the substances its the people . Education and the lack of it and use and abuse again .

"At the same time, it's probably true that legalizing pot would increase pot use, and lead to more pot-heads"

In the short term yes but the example of holland for one shows that when drugs are decriminalised and people are educated about them use and abuse can go down .

"Its natural provided by god (if you belive in that sort of thing) Compared to drugs like lsd,herion etc that is man made."

But they are all drugs and can be abused .

I`m saying lets protect our kids by teaching them how to live with the relitys of life and that "illegality" is the cause of most of the problems asociated with drugs .

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Re: Should Marijuana be Entirely Legal?

Post by mujina » Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:19 pm

I still don't understand why its illegal myself... I have been smoking for over 4 years now and while I really enjoy it the only negative effect that I have gotten from it is picking up smoking ^^ I also know quite alot of people who have tried it expecting some mind blowing experience because, well its illegal and people always seem to talk about how destructive it is and then just finding out for themselves that its no big deal really and never smoking it again.

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