What to do with old computers?

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Ishimaru Chiaki
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Re: What to do with old computers?

Post by Ishimaru Chiaki »

Darth Wong wrote:Obsolete PC #2:
ATX chassis
Asus P4P800SE motherboard
3GHz Pentium-4 CPU
320GB Seagate SATA hard drive
Lite-On DVD-RW
You call it old ? My current computer is an 2.8GHz Pentium 4 with 1GB RAM and I still use it as main computer. It mainly runs on Ubuntu, but I kept Windows XP in a partition.

Reformat it, then install Ubuntu, and once you're familiar enough with it, you can donate it and give a formation + a way to contact a local LUG in case of needing help.

Just to tell you our own experiences : Last year, my mother bought a new PC runing Win XP for her office at the organization where she works, then the old PC was formatted, had Windows 98 reinstalled and donated to an organization that provides activities to people with intellectual disabilities, since this kind of people don't give a shit if the desktop is shiny, as long as they can use it to play simple games.

We had other old PCs - one old Pentium 133MHz with a dead HDD, and two desktops that had parts removed to equip other computers - and other hardwares such as old printers and my old CD player that was on my previous computer. One guy my parents know and who reassemble PCs for unwealthy people, took them all. All we kept is a spare functional PC that is used when one of our PCs is down.
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Re: What to do with old computers?

Post by Jerlene.net »

You can donate them or sell them at a garage sale or something. I did both and made like 10 bucks off of two computers. lol
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Re: What to do with old computers?

Post by lurttinen »

What to do with old computers?

Well, I just butchered a Acer Aspire 5040, for spare parts.
I'm planning to buy external casing for 2.5" HDD and and for the slimline DVD drive. So, those two will get re-used in some form.
I also salvaged a mini PCI wlan card for possible future use.

It was fun for all the half an hour it took to take things part. :D
Though now i need a new laptop. :?
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Re: What to do with old computers?

Post by Tripp »

I've read a similar story recently on Slashdot and from reading the comments there, most agree the best thing to do is recycle your old computers and spare parts. Of course you always got the people who say make it into a file server or something but for one, as Nathan pointed out, some of these older computers use a lot of power. And secondly, it's sort of out of date. With today's HDD capacity and processors, etc you really don't need an old computer laying around doing pointless tasks that your main computer can do just fine.

As for securing HDDs, I've read that it's almost impossible to erase every last bit of date from an HDD regardless of what you do at software level. Personally, I destroy my old HDDs with a hammer, drill, and various other tools until I'm satisfied that I've completely destroyed the HDD and that I'm happy with the stress release exercise. :D
The box said 'You need Windows XP or better' .... so I installed linux.

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Re: What to do with old computers?

Post by Vier »

Fix them so they work at proper speed and then use them for multipurpose.
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Re: What to do with old computers?

Post by jinkal »

Recycle the old computers, or just remove the removable external devices to change the version by getting a new version softwares,
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Re: What to do with old computers?

Post by Cedwinks »

Trash :D
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