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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by PsychicSmurf »

Hrm for me it would have been the old bbs style of boards. Damned if I can remember which one though as it is a long time ago now.

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by Cryo »

My first forum was here 2003 i learned so much here those where the good ole days 8-) i was actually looking for a bb board to install on my server and thru google phpbb came up but that was many moons ago.

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by Go2GamerGuys »

The first forum I ever joined was a forum about Airport Tycoon 3.

I joined in 2010. Things were going smoothly for me. I had built up my post count, contributions and my helpfulness levels on the forum so much, I was practically begged to be a Moderator.
This was pretty sweet, but I gotta say I messed up big time. I practically broke every forum rule there was, insulted the other Moderators, and basically spammed the forum with my opinions. :lol:

Well it turns out the Admin didn't like this, so he had the guy I recruited, the guy I made a Forum Moderator, not only remove me of my status, then ban me, then take my position, then delete me. :cry:

I didn't stop there. About a month later I used a hidden IP (since they didn't want me so badly they banned my IP, and my city; 3 other users were un-able to use the forum because of this. :oops: ) to sign back up onto the forum.
Well I started from scratch, made some mod packs, became helpful again, this time respected the forum Moderators, even the one that completely tarnished me as a whole, and before I knew it, I was promoted to Chief Moderator again. And to this day, I am still Chief Moderator, and the best part is the old Moderator who got me banned and everything, doesn't even use the forum anymore. :D Practically running the place again.

*Just to let you know some insider information: Previous banned Moderator Account: JonDoe101
Current Moderator Account: BobbyK

But don't tell them, they still hate my original guts to this day! 8-)

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by uuiiuu »

a VB forun, run for 9 years now, it also started with phpBB if i recall wright.
i am pretty sure it is the biggest forum community in the world...

over 700,000 usera, and over 90,000,000 million posts, and over 10,000,000 million topics...
anybody knows a forum board with more?

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by Victor Sullivan »

The first forum I ever joined would be Conquer Club! :) I've browsed some other forums, but I must say, I really like the phpbb-style forums much better than any others. I've just found them to be more intuitive and user-friendly.

I am still an active member on Conquer Club serving as a moderator on the "Entertainment Team" (in charge of Events and Media). Specifically I am the "Chief Executive" (Editor-in-Chief, essentially) of Conquer Club's newsletter. I also dabble in the 'Events' side of things and help the Entertainment Team Leader as a sort of 'deputy' discussing various department dilemmas, decisions, etc.

I've been doing this for about a year, but I bet that doesn't compare to even a third of you all! I enjoy it, though :)


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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by Kooldude »

The first forum & ever joined was cpcheats! Here's the link

Well, I really liked that forum, but after some month the admin quit the forum, but kept a moderator. The moderator was doing quite a good job but after some months when the admin came to have a look at the forum, he demoted him. :( He said he's back & will look after the forum again, but sadly after some days he disappeared mysteriously.

Now the site has no moderator nor admin. The forum is full of spam, so I quitted it.
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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by IanMc »

The first forum I joined was back when I was programming in PowerBASIC so that's at

The language allowed for the programming of CGI programs and I actually wrote a forum program cunningly named forum.exe :) It was really simple but worked well and at one point it was 'the' forum for a sub-notebook called the Sony PCG-C1 as I used to own the domain (Farstand is the name of my company) and to this day if you google "easy cgi programs" (in quotes) you'll get hits for even though this was all in the late nineties :)

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by IanMc »

When you say 'forum' you mean on the internet rignt?

Does anyone remember the pre-internet BBS (Bulletin Board System)?

The big ones would have a bank of modems so you could have several users connected at the same time but no matter, good terminal programs would have a redial feature that would keep dialling until you got on.

When I made a 300 baud modem for my commodore 64 back in the 80s I used to dial in to a BBS in germany to post messages and download programs.

I was also hooked up to the world-wide Packet Switched System (PSS) the precursor to the internet where you would dial in to a PAD using the X29 protocol.

Anyone remember that? :)

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by drathbun »

IanMc wrote:Anyone remember that? :)
Yes. :P

I used to dial in to what was a precursor to a MMORPG, although it was probably just "M" and not "MM" at the time.
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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by PonyBone »

first forum I ever joined was GuitarZone (known as GTU or GuitarTabs then)... and that was back in May 2001 :shock:

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by Devjeet »

The first forum I ever joined was DP....but initially I used to chat with my friends through IndiFun but that one is a chat site not a forum.

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by bgself »

It was very-very long time ago ;)
I just can't remember...
Anyway I suggest that it was "phpbb"!

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by john105 »

I think it was back when TechTV was hot

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by goodkel »

2003 Comedy Central's message board.

From there, I put up my first Proboard as a place where we could discuss meeting at different comedian performances off the main boards.

Then the Comedy Central boards just went "poof" one day and disappeared without warning. Since we all had a variety of online friends from the various show boards, we ended up with a crowd on my Proboard. That was my own first forum.

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Re: First forum you ever joined:

Post by darksminky »

2007 or '8 ( yeah, I'm a relative newcomer. . . )
Chao island
( )
still operational, still could seriously use some editing on the Header UI, but I didn't know that was possible at the time :lol:

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