how do you market a free site with no money?

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how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by rustys86 »

What are some good ideas to get the word out about a site without paying for ads? I'm talking about in the beginning. How do I let those first users know it exists without looking too spammy?
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Re: how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by tbackoff »

Tell your friends, family, colleagues (I'm assuming you're old enough to work :P ) and ask them to tell their friends, family, and colleagues. You are also welcome to put a link in your signature here (obviously conforming to the rules). I would imagine other sites you may visit have rules regarding signatures, so check those too. Lot's of information can be found in this topic.
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Re: how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by taswanitamurah »

An online site need visitors/traffic. You can get traffic free if your website is on the first page of search engine. Until number three rank of first page you can get traffic a lot. The key is you need to do research of your market (keyword) before you go online. You also need you site competitor strength like back links, etc. Need a lot of work to do actually, but it whorthed when your site already at the first rank of the page. Visitors will come to your site.

Good luck!.
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Re: how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by Big-Jim »

I am certainly not an expert on how websites get rated, but I am under the impression that a website gets rated more on content than on anything else. In other words, you can't enter a couple keywords and add a couple links to your forum and "presto" you get top billing. It doesn't work that way. If it were that easy, every website would come up number one in a search, and of course that isn't possible.
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Re: how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by evesys »

Try to spread it over related facebook/orkut groups and youtube video, don't be shame of looking like a spammer, just be polite and make people think you're just trying to help and NEVER advertise like an advertiser, instead of, "HEY PLEASE LOOK MY WEBSITE I NEED USERS JOIN US PLEASE!", just say, "Hey guys, i found some related stuff at a website, maybe it's interesting for you: (url to something interesting and related from your website)".
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Re: how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by daziam »

There are quite a few free advertising methods, often local papers will print your ad for free.

My favourite method is via youtube.
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Re: how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by Stallyon »

Submit your site to search engines so at least you're on the list and will start getting closer to the front. :ugeek:
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Re: how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by njfail »

Like others have said, asking friends and family to check out your site is a great place to start.
Its also a good idea to reach out to people on Facebook, twitter, etc. Don't spam people though. The idea is you want quality members that will participate in discussions, not someone to click a link and close it. Think of it as making friends, not trying to trick people into visiting your site.

Typically, when you try to find "get members quick" schemes, they end up not working well. Its important that you get some good dedicated members, especially when you're first starting. If you put in a great deal of effort, people will realize that. For instance, if you are a great programmer/coder, and you come on the PhpBB site and start helping people with their problems, they are likely to check out whatever site you have in your signature. You can join any type of forum related to a skill you have and help people. Not only are you helping people, but you're also advertising. Furthermore, when people randomly find your posts through Google, they'll see how helpful you were, and be more likely to check out your signature.

YouTube is also a great place to advertise. Its very easy to contact someone that makes videos with a few thousand views and have them give you a shout out in their next video. Of course, you should offer them something in return, like a link to their videos on your site. You can also post in video comments, but again, spamming really doesn't help you. Only post if you're actually contributing.

Its a good idea to market your site 1 on 1 with people, or to small groups. Its not something that will pay the bills, but its something that will get you dedicated members. Once you have dedicated members coming on the forum everyday and posting around, you'll be able to start entertaining less dedicated members.
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Re: how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by /a3 »

Put a Bitcoin donation address at the bottom of the page. It works (at least a little bit) for TPB. ;)
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Re: how do you market a free site with no money?

Post by BeautifullySuicidal »

Ahh finally something I know about lol, I am doing quite well using Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. If you create a Facebook PAGE and put effort into getting it rolling you can in return get lots of page views a day. My forum at [removed] has been around for about 6 months now and has 7100 REAL members. My kinda forum hasn't been great at producing replying members, so that's the downfall for my forum. I have used mostly Facebook and I have reached as high as 40k page views a day and average around 15k...Facebook has really got bad about trying to control what the pages post they just deleted my biggest page of 61k 30 days ago...taking 60% of my forums traffic with it..but its free..U can't bitch about hard work when you want it all for free like myself. Our Ads pay for the entire VPS and some to boot but we wouldn't be brining shit without our constant work on Facebook everyday. I spend 5X more time on Facebook than I do on Darkvue..but I cant afford it any other way ..All my pages are offensive humor and adult -Non nude images...I post what I can get the clicks for...And tits and ass and funny jokes get the job done. We have had over 1500 users online at one time and we control when we are getting our burst of traffic. If we are posting on Facebook, The forum stays packed. As we slow down the post on FB the users drop off. We are slowing getting a nice returning core of members but that part takes time no matter what you do I guess. I highly recommend using Facebook while you still can... :)

lol ok didn't know we was in the censored forum..sorry ;)
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