Windows 8.1 - Will you be upgrading?

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Re: Windows 8.1 - Will you be upgrading?

Post by Danielx64 »

Pond Life wrote:
/a3 wrote:Windows PRISM edition? No thanks. :ugeek:

A look at the black underbelly of Windows 8.1 'Blue'
Well that's it for me, when I do eventually need a new OS it will be Linux based.
The new Win8.1 Smart Search -- invoked by default through the Windows 8.1 Search charm -- not only searches your computer for the string you specify. It also, all by itself, gathers up the terms and runs them through a Bing search. Making this cool new feature all the more lovable, Microsoft has officially announced that advertisers will be able to dish up advertising to your computer, based on the searches you perform on your computer.
My computer is mine, I paid for it, it is my tool to use as I see fit. It IS NOT your @*!&*ing advertising hording Microsoft. I use my computer for work as well as play and I will not risk the security of my clients' data just so you can try to sell me !$*@ I don't want or need. :evil:
Mind you, you can turn that off and use a decent firewall right?
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Re: Windows 8.1 - Will you be upgrading?

Post by timcadieux »

I received a Surface RT at Christmas and the stock install was FB app, GMAIL, least the 8.1 update came with a new store and some usable apps.
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Re: Windows 8.1 - Will you be upgrading?

Post by Dragonwolf »

I skip every other version of Windows and I never upgrade in the first year of release. That is advice that has allowed me to skip every bad version so far, including 95, and vista. :P
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Re: Windows 8.1 - Will you be upgrading?

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

sound strategy, although I thought 95 was suprising good for the first try. ( 3.1 wasn't really true windows ).

I did not upgrade from 98 until xp was just about done and I didn't update to 7 until a year ago. as long as 7 keeps working as good as it does, I probably won't live long enough to need to ugrade again.

I don't know, if I can find a free copy of 8 I might give it a try but I don't currently need any of the things it is supposed to be good for.

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