[Serious] Make your city more known

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[Serious] Make your city more known

Post by ZoliveR »

Belfast (Northern Ireland) **to improve
Boston (Massachusetts - USA)
Brigham City (Utah - USA)
Brisbane QLD (Australia)
Brussels (Belgium)
Christchurch (New Zealand) **to improve
Denver (Colorado - USA)
Glasgow (Scotland) **to improve
Lower Hutt (New Zealand)
Nottingham (England) **to improve
Omaha (Nebraska - USA)
San Diego (California - USA) **to improve
Southampton (UK) **to improve
Tampa (Florida - USA)
Toronto (Canada)
Vancouver (Canada)

Preface and "rules"

Firstly, i hope this topic will not be locked. It's a topic where anyone can make his own city more known to the others.

You can say what you want about your city in the condition that your post (polite) contain at least 10 lines, and that you use your same post for adding more elements if you want. No need to bump or to make new posts to make comments about other cities, just use your same post for that. Also, in your post, give to others the envy to more known your city that you describe.

Well it's all actually. If i've other remarks, i will give them here. So i begin, as i start this nice idea.

other names: Bruxelles (in french and italian), Brussel (in dutch), Brüssel (in german), Bruselas (in spanish)

Brussels, naturally, is the capital of Europe. But it's also the capital of Belgium, a nice tiny country near France, Germany and The Netherlands.
This wonderful city have 19 municipalities ("communes" in french) and have more of less one million of inhabitants.

I will not talk about the history of Brussels. Google can handle this better than me. But i can easily notice to you the most known places and monuments of Brussels.
The most known is naturally the Grand Place of Brussels. Anytime in the day, thousands of persons walk on this place. And several times in the year, you can go there for see events.
There is also the Atomium, made just for the "World Expo 1958" but it was preserved and now being restored. And don't forget the Manneken-Pis, the most well known statue in Brussels!
There is also a lot of things to see in Brussels. I recommand you to make a search if you want. I will add some other informations little by little.

Well Brussels it's not only places to see but also people to meet. In Brussels, as in Belgium mainly, the official languages are french, and dutch, but you can talk in english also, and there are so many people that are native from outside Belgium that you can easily make you friends and talk in any language of your choice, german, spanish, italian, and dozens of others languages!
So you can realize that in this nice city, where you can live day or night, you can meet many persons that talk also your language, that are native from any country of the world (even lichtenstein, even if it's rare), and so you can evolve in this city with ease, even if you come from any country of the world.

Another thing to say, Belgium is a monarchic country. If you want know more about the history of monarchy, you can go here. And if you want to know about the other regions of Belgium, it's here.

What other to say. I don't know. But i will update my post sometimes. And for other things that i don't said, Google is your best friend

It's up to you now!
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Re: [Serious] Make your city more known

Post by kamahl »

Brigham City, Utah
other names: Brigham (Locals who don't want to call it the full name), Well, that's about it.

Brigham City is a somewhat small City in Utah, just big enough to have a Wal-Mart. It also had an LDS ("mormon") thriller movie based on it, entitled, properly enough, "Brigham City". I've never seen it, I'm not exactly a mormon. But regardless I'm still considering checking it out some day.

That's one thing Utah is well known for, the mormon religion. The majority of people I know are mormon, the rest enjoy bad mouthing mormons. It doesn't seem right and I usually don't make such comments, nor do I have a point on this particular subject. When I talk about Utah for whatever reason I feel obligated to mention mormonism. :wink:

Brigham City was named after the mormon pioneer, Brigham Young, who helped settle this land. But as my comrade above, I won't break out the history books. Google is your friend.

In Brigham City, Utah, the official language is english. The state motto, "This Is The Place", as quoted by Brigham Young when discovering Utah. Utah is known as "The Beehive State", due to the mormon pioneers being "busy as a bee" settling the land.

Utah is also known for the golden spike finishing the continental railroad (just 30 minutes from here), the winter olympics, and green jello. I'm not sure why green jello. Maybe you can tell me.
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Post by TC »

Brussels, home of jean-claude van damme. hehe....

anyone who knows nothing about St. Louis, Missouri can click here.
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Re: [Serious] Make your city more known

Post by Draegonis »

Glasgow, Scotland
other names: "Hell", "The Pit", "Oh crap, RUN!", "Why are people brandashing broken bottes... AHHH!!!".


Visit at your own perl. Chances are, you wont make it out alive. The native tribesmen are very primative, but have managed to make good use of the surrounding alcohol brewries and distilleries. They barter with the western world for drugs such as Marunjana and Cocaine.
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Post by Shof515 »

Surbur. of NYC is all i can think of
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Post by Pit »

Southampton, UK

Famous for its 7% pregnancy rate among under-18 girls, and the high proportion of those girls who attend religious girls-only schools. Seems like the kids can figure out what goes where without sex ed classes, eh..
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Post by Darth Wong »



One of the most ethnically diverse cities in North America, if not the most ethnically diverse city. Home to more than 2 million people in the city centre, and more than 5 million people including the suburbs. It is the fifth largest metropolis in North America, behind Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago.

The downtown core is characterized by a mixture of 19th century architecture in the old areas and modern steel and glass architecture in the new areas. Tourist attractions include the CN tower, from which a spectacular view of the city can be had (especially at night), the SkyDome, where you can watch the Toronto Blue Jays getting their asses kicked on a nightly basis during the summer months, the Air Canada Centre where you can watch the Toronto Maple Leafs struggling into the playoffs every year, and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Toronto is also home to one of the premiere zoos in the region, with a wide assortment of animals in extra-large paddocks for their comfort. This increases your walking distance, but it's better for the animals, in addition to numerous other attractions such as live theatres and historic Fort York (a place of historical interest if you are familiar with the War of 1812), Casa Loma (a restored castle built by an eccentric rich guy a century ago, for those who don't want to bother going to Europe), and numerous theme parks ranging from laid-back (Ontario Place and Centre Island) to ride-oriented (Canada's Wonderland, just north of the city limits).

For science buffs, there are the Ontario Science Centre, with interactive displays and family-oriented activities including Boy Scout tours, and the Royal Ontario Museum, with a wide array of exhibits which currently include such items as 500 million year old fossilized pearls.

And finally, for the gays and lesbians out there, there are many places in Toronto where you can arrange a gay marriage, not to mention the Gay Pride Parade which takes place every summer (for festival-goers who aren't big on gay activities, there is also the Caribana festival every summer, which celebrates Caribbean culture).
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Post by Darkmonkey »

Belfast, Nothern Ireland
"Home of the troubles"


Sounds just like home :P
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Post by Anon »

Christchurch, New Zealand

Understandably dubbed the "Garden City" because of the major attractions like Hagely park, The Gardens, Victoria Square and Mona Vale. A small city (~400,000 people), it's the biggest city in the southern half of NZ. We have many excellent attractions like the internetional antartic centre.

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Post by AdamR »

Tampa, Florida, USA
Other Names: "(overall) lightning capitol of USA," "Second New Orleans"


Tampa has a population of around 305,000, and is home of the 2003 NFL Stanley Cup Champions, and the 2002-2003 NFL Superbowl Champions. Downtown Tampa is a rather quiet place, but two miles east likes Ybor "City" within Tampa, which is pretty much the Second New Orleans in terms of clubbing.

All of Florida is huge into college football, and there is major rivalry between the six major colleges in the state: FSU, UF, UNF, USF, UM, and UCF. USF (University of South Florida) is located near Temple Terrace in the area, and is home to the Bulls. While one of the lesser "quality" teams in the state, they still are hated by the other five colleges.

Florida is known for its stupidity, and the low quality of our schools, but within Tampa, some of the local schools (King, Gaither, Blake) are quite good throughout the nation in terms of academic and SAT scores.

Tampa is a large business area, with the heart of business located out near Veterans Plaza. The average household income is $35,000/year, with the averate housing value priced at $82,000.

Each year, Tampa hosts the Gasparilla parade in downtown Tampa, year Bayshore Blvd. Tampa used to be a major "hideout" and stop for 19th century and early 18th century pirates, and this "tradition" has been kept throuout the years.
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Post by Nephrus »

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Commonly called the Gateway to the Pacific, Vancouver is home to approximately 560,000 in the downtown penninsula and almost two million over the total 113 sq KM it occupies. It is the largest city in British Columbia and the third largest in Canada. The Port of Vancouver leads the world in grain exports and is one the busiest in North America.

Named after Captain George Vancouver who explored the shores in 1792, it wasn't named so after the seafarer until 1886.

Often called the "No Fun Zone" Vancouver has many things to see and do including watching the Vancouver Canucks at General Motors Place (when things go nuts, everyone parties on Robson Street :mrgreen: ), the B.C. Lions at B.C. Place Stadium, the Vancouver Canadians at Nat Bailey Stadium, Symphony of Fire fireworks festival, Bard on the Beach Shakespeare plays, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, and so much more. :D

Things to see:
Stanley Park
Robson Street shopping district
B.C. Place Stadium
Canada Place/Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre
Granville Island
H.R. Macmillan Planetarium
Grouse Mountain
Gastown and Chinatown
Metropolis at Metrotown
Museum of Anthropology
Science World
Vancouver Aquarium
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Re: [Serious] Make your city more known

Post by natsmith87 »

Draegonis wrote: Glasgow, Scotland
other names: "Hell", "The Pit", "Oh crap, RUN!", "Why are people brandashing broken bottes... AHHH!!!".


Visit at your own perl. Chances are, you wont make it out alive. The native tribesmen are very primative, but have managed to make good use of the surrounding alcohol brewries and distilleries. They barter with the western world for drugs such as Marunjana and Cocaine.
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I've been to Glasgow 6 or more times and I've come out alive everytime!! Maybe you are going to the wrong place... :roll:
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Post by Draegonis »

It apears you've failed to note that I was taking the rip out of Glasgow's "Ned" culture. I'm also quite sure of where I live, thanks. :)
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Post by Drunky »

San Diego, California, USA

Famous for sport teams who fail at everything.

Also known for beaches.

:oops: Forgot about the navy.

http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ ... navsta.htm

http://www.sandiegohistory.org/books/mi ... ndmark.htm

Check out some landmarks. If you ever want to visit.

Shawn Fanning (Napster)
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Post by soxie »

Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Otherwise known as: Beantown, Cradle of Modern America, The Hub, The Walking City
  • Photos
  • Attractions
    • Paul Rever's house ("the British are coming! the British are coming!")
    • Fenway park [ More information located here ]
    • Granary Burying Ground. It's actually really small. I walked by it one day and didn't even notice it. You may ask "Why is a burying ground an attraction?" ... it holds the graves of Samuel Adams, Peter Faneuil, Paul Revere, and John Hancock.
    • Old South Meeting House. The origin where Samuel Adams gave the signal to proceed with the Boston Tea Party.
    • Old State House. This was the British headquarters in Boston. The picture is pretty neat. Skyscrapers surrounding a little building.
    • Paul Revere's House. Should be self explainatory. :P
    • Old North Church. This would be the church that Robert Newman was told to display "one if by land, two if by sea."
    • U.S.S. Constitution. Oldest commisioned warship in the world.
// brian

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