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Re: Google Desktop

Post by clayscottbrown »

Natan wrote: Well, google sure is making strides and offering lots of new goodies. The latest installment brings us Google Desktop, a powerful tool that allows you to search for any text on your computer.

I know the privacy issue re: gmail has been hashed over many times, but does anyone else get an eerie feeling when google is not only used for all your email, but also for the entire contents of your computer?

Yes I have to agree with you. I suppose this desktop by Google is supposed to quicken our response time, but I think it may be a mistake to let a program into your own personal computer space... after all the internet is "open" as far as content is concerned and we need the blistering speed in that area as everyone knows... Yet I wouldn't want a "window-like" structure seeking out for me throughout my own computer. It's an invasion of privacy for one thing and another is that it keeps me from learning and remembering where it is I have everything. It could limit my power of thought... now that's good for most people, of course, but not for me.

At any rate Microsoft is coming out with it's own version, while Google rushed its version to beat Microsoft to the punch. My read on this new desktop doo-hickey is that most web experts seem to be taking a wait and see approach... which is wise. It brings up more amusment when we are begining to see a new state of censorship coming from the usual sources in America. Microsoft, after all is now become corporate enough to ban certain curse words from their new blog service. Will Microsoft's new Desktop Browser censor pornographic images... perhaps one might ask a Bill Gates, he and his company are pretty invasive lately on the "morals front". These companies are simply pandering to their own religion... which has been away for quite a while this time... My advice is to sit tight, we might be in for a long ride and these rides can get rather interesting.
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Post by FF8Jake` »

I'm still not able to see any real use for this program. If anything i'd just say it's a tool to make computers easier to use for people who don't know how to use them to begin with.

I dunno, the whole thing screams KDE all over.
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Post by Natan »

Natan wrote: I just thought I'd bring this topic up again because I just came across another program that does what Google Desktop does, but is a LOT more powerful:

X1 - "Breaking the Found Barrier"

Ehh, don't download this file. Looking more carefully at their privacy policy:
Privacy Policy at x1 wrote: Information Collected from Use of the Software Products

X1™ Search Trial Version
When you download and use X1™ Search during your 15-day free trial period (the "Trial Period"), we will collect general usage information from you in connection with your use of X1™ Search. Each time you use X1™ Search, certain information will be collected, including the types of searches (e.g. web search, search on your hard drive for a particular type of file (.doc)), the date your searches are performed and the number of searches you make. However, specific web sites and personally identifying details regarding your searches will not be transmitted to us. Your use of X1™ Search will remain anonymous and will not be tied to the e-mail address you provide us. This information will help us better understand how X1™ Search is being used and will assist us in continuing to improve our products. For further information, please see our FAQ section.

X1™ Search Registered Version
After you have purchased X1™ Search, we will collect your registration code and a unique application ID for each day you use X1™ Search. In addition, you will be given the choice to elect to allow us to obtain from you the same information listed above that we collect from Users during the Trial Period so that we can continue to improve our products and service to you.
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Post by Jon Reid »

I wasn't instantly attracted to this but I must admit that since installing it I've used it a good few times and it works fantastically, there're are so many documents on my PC stashed all over the place that it's hard to find anything normally, if I remember one line or such of on, I type it in here and google goes and gets it... can't argue for nothing.
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